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Christian Louboutin Shoes The American fashion industry has, by now, earned a reputation for being a showground in which intense competition is a way of life even for routine survival. In that case, apart from having a small bit of luck, aspiring models and designers who truly wish to carve out a name for them in this fashion industry must have some basic attributes as well as some essential pre-requisites which would add to their chances of building a worthy and fruitful career. The centre stage of the American fashion industry is considered to be the city of New York. The Fashion Weeks held here feature all the renowned names in the fashion field not only from the Americas but from all parts of the world. New York is supposed to be the ultimate city which showcases the latest in fashion trends. Los Angeles is also not far behind since it is evident from the growing numbers of fashion agencies and modelling houses which have come up in this city during the recent years. So, one can say that the American fashion industry of the new era operates mainly from these two centres unlike the past days. Earlier, the cities of Miami and Chicago were the centre stages and they served as the centres for fashion, modelling and designing.,Who would have thought that the human act of perspiring could inspire the naming of so many items of clothing? We’ve got sweaters, sweat pants, sweat shorts and, of course, the sweat shirt. Since this last entry in the hall of sweat is neither a sweater nor a shirt, and since for the people who wear them, breaking into a sweat is an unlikely occurrence, their naming is rather odd.Wherever they and their name come from, sweat shirts have been a staple of the Western wardrobe for several decades, surviving the inevitable mutations into hoodies and those day-glo tops worn by TOWIE characters on their way to have their eyeballs waxed. Zips and pockets, string-pulls, insignia and elastication have all become normal in the realm of the sweat shirt, and like all garments of the common person, they have become items of the designer repertoire, albeit at quadruple the price for essentially the same thing.One thing the sweat shirt has never successfully, done, however, is made the leap into formal wear. You can’t quite say that about the tee shirt, which can be worn under a suit jacket in a relatively formal business context. So there must be something inherently casual about those long sleeves and slightly thicker material that has kept them away from the board room. The answer probably lies in the cut. Tee shirts can be made to fit the contours of the body; indeed they are the top of choice for any guy who’s rather proud of the fruits of his bench presses. But the sweat shirt simply doesn’t work as a tighter top. It needs to hang loose and absolutely be a piece of casual wear, otherwise it will just look like a sweater that’s not been very well looked after.There’s a good deal of crossover between the sweat shirt and its short-sleeved cousin, however. The main similarity is that because they are both made from jersey cotton, they are smooth enough to carry prints. Slogans, logos, corporate branding, football team insignia and all manner of imagery and text have made their way onto the fronts and backs of sweat shirts, making them a great tee alternative, particularly useful in colder climes. They’re also remarkably comfortable; you can forget you’re wearing one after a while. And finally, they’re perfect for layering, again a boon for wearing when the weather’s changeable or frosty. Some people layer their sweat shirts backwards, too, that is, under a tee shirt so the long sleeves hang out from the tee sleeves.There’s a rich history of sweat shirts to explore, if you are into that sort of thing. No doubt your local vintage clothing shop will have plenty of them to choose from. They come in every colour imaginable, and usually carry some sort of message whose relevance will either resonate or be completely lost in time. Whether you plan to actually sweat in one or whether they are the comfiest way to enjoy the slacker lifestyle, there’s nothing quite like a sweat shirt to pull on and go about your day.,Are you mad about fashion? Do you love keeping up with all of the latest trends and developments that occur all around the world, and then writing and taking about it with other people with the similar interest? 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