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ted baker dresses sale Cape Town Fashion Week is upon us and floggers are a-buzz with all the precluding news bits and gossip snippets. On a global fashion stage, local designer Hendrik Vermeulen is making his creative mark on World Fashion Week 2014 already �C his finale dress from the 2014 Conceptual Collection, entitled "God's Window", has been chosen as the landing page of the World Fashion Week website. So, who is Hendrik Vermeulen? Hendrik Vermeulen �C A brief historyBorn in Fauresmith, South Africa, in 1982, Vermeulen displayed a love for fashion and design at an early age. By 15 he had already sold his first evening gown. He made the decision to focus on the fashion industry and equipped himself for greatness by signing up for a medley of fashion related classes and workshops. In 2001 he enrolled at Fashion Design International in Pretoria where he partook in the intensive Haute Couture course. He graduated two years later, scooping up the Student of the Year award in the process. After relocating to Cape Town he found himself working under internationally renowned fashion designer Gert van der Merwe, and has been making stylish waves ever since.Custom made evening and bridal wearThe dedicated designer decided to start his own business creating custom made bridal and formal evening wear from his very own garage. He quickly had to move into a bigger space and found himself working from a warehouse. He had a studio in Bree Street with designer Gert van der Merwe and then later relocated to the Westlake Lifestyle Centre in Steenberg where he opened an upmarket "Atelier Couture". 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So, what are you waiting for, rush to and enjoy a beautiful shopping experience.,For your necklace or chain to look most grand and luxurious, a pendant is highly essential. A pendant is a hanging piece of jewelry attached to a chain or necklace. These are available in various sizes and shapes and the different use of precious materials renders an enchanting look to your jewel. These pendants are used for adornment and are classified into many types.The different types of pendantsDepending on the material which is used for making them, these are classified into glass, shell, lac, ivory, stainless steel and many more kinds as follows.Stainless steel pendantsThese are made of stainless steel and look at the latest fashion trend. These are highly affordable when compared to other materials and are long lasting too. These have an unlimited layout ranging from simple, embossed up to engraved ones.Wooden pendantsThese are available in tribal, traditional and modern patterns and designs. These are carved in an elaborate way which depicts the exceptional art work by the artisans. The hand painted and handcrafted wooden pendants are the most wanted and purchased ones next to the jewelry.Glass pendantsThese are one of the most stylish, modern and preferred pendants. These are the most popular form of jewelry among the youngsters in all the countries. These are made of colored and transparent glasses and are available in different styles, colors and shapes.Shell pendantsThis is another fashion jewelry item which is very popular and is manufactured in large scale. These are sold in a majority of countries and these stunning shells come in an array of sizes, shapes and shades.Lac pendantsThese pendants are the most modish ornaments within a timeless appeal. These are designed intricately for giving a flashy look and are popular for their traditional design.Ivory pendantsAs the name indicates, these are carved out of ivory. 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